Rioja Alavesa

Towards the south of Alava, between La Sierra de Cantabria mountain range and the River Ebro, with a surface area of 12,000 Hectares of vineyards in lime and loam soil, at heights of between 1,200 and 400 metres, in an area with an average mean temperature of between 12º and 13º and with an annual rainfall of 500 l./m2.

With these details the wines that are born in this area are the result of a very special fruit. La Sierra de Cantabria mountain range protects Rioja Alavesa from the influence of the Bay of Biscay and its normal cold and wet winds. As the vineyards face the south, they become dry and warm allowing the vine to take the best advantage of the warmth reaching them.


The major quality factor of the Rioja-Alavesa region, and also the basis for its vineyards, is its clayey-clalcareous soil, whos characteristics are ideal for cultivating vines.

Added to this is the privileged situation of our land on the southern slope of the Cantabrian mountain range, and at a height of between 400 m and 700 mn above sea level.

Al of this resuslts in extemely high quality wines, with a round body, delicate aroma and an exquisite palate.


The Rioja Alavesa region benefits from a particular microlimate which is especially favourable for cultivating vines, and which is determined by a system of favourable winds, the excellent direction the vineyards face and the particular height of its land.

This microclimate has a influence on the quality of our wines throughout the whole year.

Thus, during the winter moths, the cold northern winds are calmed by our situation on the southern slopes of the Cantabrian mountain range.

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